Preparation Toolkit: Campus Active Shooter

In this on-demand webinar, Chris Floyd of Disaster Resilient Communities walked through a tabletop exercise in dealing with the numerous challenges associated with preparing for and managing the consequences of a campus shooting incident. 

Just In Time Disaster Training Video Resources

Prepare: On-campus shooting events are a scary reality. This video can help you prepare for these tragic events.

Response: After you're prepared for an on-campus active shooter it's imperative that you be ready to respond.

Recovery: Coping with an on-campus active shooting is important but requires extensive planning.

Campus Active Shooter Presentation Slides

Managing campus resiliency planning is complex and challenging. Add to that the ever increasing need to have a strong active shooter emergency plan in place and your responsibilities are further complicated. In this presentation you'll learn how to prepare, respond and cope with an active-shooter incidence on your campus. You can download the slides from the presentation below.

Continuity Planning Software - Kuali Ready FAQs

What's included with Kuali Ready?

In addition to excellent software that will make your life a lot easier, the flat annual subscription includes: configuration, implementation, training, on-going support, SSO integration, and access to the Kuali Community.

What continuity planning approach does Kuali Ready use?

Based on more than a decade of continuity planning experience at more than 100 colleges and universities, Kuali Ready uses an all-hazards approach with a focus on industry standards and best practices, to help you comply with federal, state, and local plan requirements.

How does Kuali Ready differ from other business continuity planning software?

Created by higher education continuity planning professionals, Kuali Ready is the only continuity planning system for higher education institutions who are invested in the resilience of their school.

Does Kuali Ready only cover active shooter planning?

While Kuali Ready is built to expertly handle active shooting preparedness, it's also designed to help you with any disaster preparation and recovery planning. Whether it be an on campus shooting, natural disaster, health epidemic or IT system failure, Kuali Ready is your go to resource for continuity planning.

Contact a Continuity Planning Software Expert

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Kuali Ready Cusomter Success Manager
Phone: 360.742.0606