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With Kuali Ready it is easy to implement and build around your institution's needs - from teaching and research to student housing and distributed facilities - you'll create departmental plans that increase preparedness across your entire institution.

Reduce administrative overhead and complex configuration. Kuali Ready has thoughtful features like simple navigation, in-app guidance and in-app notifications. 

Kuali Ready helps you identify the essential business functions that support your mission, asses the impact of disruption to those functions, and develop strategies to quickly resume those functions.

View reports to see continuity planning progress, mine data through in-app filters and drill-throughs, and export any data in multiple formats.

Maintain operations during disruptions

Join over 100 colleges and universities that use Kuali Ready to create and manage departmental continuity plans to ensure that they are ready for anything! Kuali Ready empowers institutions to maintain business operations in the midst of adverse events.

Kuali Ready Trial FAQs

How long does the trial last?

The trial lasts 60 days.

What will I have access to?

Everything, the full content of the tool.

If we purchase Ready, can we keep our work from the trial instance?

Absolutely! We can convert your trial to a production environment and maintain all of your work.

Can I share my trial with others at my institution?

Of course. Invite them using the Ready user management tools.

What if I have questions?

You will have access to the Administrator documentation and a Customer Success Manager if needed.

Can I have a Canadian specific instance of Ready?

Yes. And your Canadian instance will have all data exclusively stored in Canada.

Built By Higher-Ed, For Higher-Ed

Originally built by UC Berkeley, Kuali Ready has been created through collaborative efforts of numerous higher-ed institutions. It's no wonder that Kuali Ready is trusted by over 100 colleges and universities to help them manage their continuity planning.