Save Your Seat!

Lessons Learned While Creating a Campus Website in Support of BCP

Tuesday, November 29, at 1:00pm Eastern

Obtaining continuity planning buy-in from university administrators, department heads, and others on campus can be an arduous task. These individuals are often so busy managing their own responsibilities that they can’t quite see the importance of business continuity planning. With this challenge that most higher-education continuity planners face, it is important to provide a professional, easy to use, and helpful set of resources for everyone across campus to use as they learn about BCP and why it is important to the mission of their institution.

In this webinar Mary Lou East-Emmons of Indiana University and Beverley Wyatt of Ohio University will be discussing their process in creating content in support of continuity planning and emergency management on their campus websites. In addition to them discussing how this has increased awareness and buy-in from individuals on their campuses, a few other things you’ll learn on the webinar include:
  • How they determined what would be on their website
  • What content has been most valuable to their users, institution, and students
  • Who they coordinated with to make it happen
  • Lessons they learned and tips they think will help you communicate your continuity plans

If you have any questions about the webinar or problems registering please send an email to